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Professionalism in Business

ZAFFERTEC was founded in 2004 in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, it has developed as a leading dynamic business-oriented supply and consulting firm in the field of metal products, piping materials and equipment for the gas, oil and petrochemical projects and plants all around the world.

With the help of fully experienced managers, technical and commercial staff with minimum 20 years of professional work background, ZAFFERTEC is proud to enter and get involved in engineering, financing, industrial material and equipment supply activities for many companies in different countries all around the world.

ZAFFERTEC supplies Piping Material, Equipment, Agricultural Fertilizer, Metal Products, Renewable Energy Equipment and other relevant parts and accessories that are used in different fields of industry.

The capability of supplying a wide range of material and products and offering a high value turnkey packages at fair costs are major competitive advantages in all fields of industry which has made ZAFFERTEC a real choice for its clients in looking for functional solutions for their inquiries and needs.

Improvement and Progress in Quality

We, as ZAFFERTEC team members, maintaining the highest commitment and respect to quality objectives, offer specialized high quality services and supply standard products and material from worldwide well-known manufacturers certified by global engineering authorities.

In ZAFFERTEC, all your technical requirements for the inquired products will be met complying with the related standards of carbon steel and stainless steel alloys, special alloys and some other industrial polymers. These materials are manufactured in European steel mills by our partners in Spain, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom certified by standard test laboratories. Meanwhile, our engineers will design special parts for equipment with non-standard dimensions to satisfy the specific industrial needs and services requested by the clients.

  • Quality Policy: One of the main objectives of ZAFFERTEC is to offer the highest quality in all projects. Along these lines, we have implemented a Quality Management System based on the reference standard UNE EN ISO 9001:2015.

Customer Orientation in Services

In our Company, the process of handling inquiries from primary study to final delivery are carried out and controlled within a structural management framework. Our commercial staff produce and submit reports on the client’s material purchase needs in several phases of contract. This helps the client have an overall view of the material supply process. For urgent material needs, ZAFFERTEC will refer to its large stock warehouses and will offer the available materials.

All these functionalities have made ZAFFERTEC a reliable material supply chain medium between the manufacturer and the client to support the construction and commissioning of oil, gas and petrochemical units and plants and serve as a supporting part in maintenance and repair after plant operations. In our company, no inquiry remains unattended.

ZAFFERTEC believes in Professionalism, Quality and Customer Orientation.