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Agricultural Commodities


ZAFFERTEC is an innovative international brokerage business specializing in Grains and flour commodities. 

Our geographical focus is on the one hand product origination in the Black Sea (Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria), as well as Northern Europe (Germany, Baltic countries) and on the other hand destination business into the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey through the Mediterranean Middle East to North Africa, Morocco, Spain, Italy and Greece and even further away into the Persian Gulf and southeast Asia. 

We have a diverse client base including; farmers, originators, trading houses, importers, processors, and consumers.

Our integrity, focus, broad product and geographical coverage combined with a commitment to execution are how we have built a proven track record of client satisfaction.


ZAFFERTEC is a bulk flour supplier specializing in wheat products.
We have been feeding top food manufacturers, bakeries and wholesale distributors around the world for several years.

ZAFFERTEC excels in streamlining supply chain processes through its innovative inventory & delivery systems. The product is readily available and accessible for expedited deliveries. 

This system promotes consistency in supply and product conformity.