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Butterfly Valves

When isolation or regulation of flow is considered, our Butterfly Valves will be brought up to you. ZAFFERTEC S.L. Butterfly valves are the most favored valves as they are lower in cost and lighter in weight. 

We supply different kinds of butterfly valves, each adapted for both low-pressure and high-pressure applications for different usage. ZAFFERTEC S.L. Butterfly Valves are made of best quality materials in the European mills according to the international standards. 

As an experience partner, we are cooperating with the world leading manufacturers of Butterfly Valves and provide you with the best support to purchase you required standard and high quality materials from these reliable manufacturing mills. 

ZAFFERTEC S.L. welcomes your inquiries for its high quality Butterfly Valves within the following range of size and materials:


1/2" to 120" class ANSI 150 to 900


Lug type
Wafer type
Flanged type


Carbon Steel ASTM A105, A216WCB, WCA, WCC, A350LF2 & etc.
Carbon Steel for low temperature services ASTM A352 LCB, LCC.
Alloy Steel for high temperature services ASTM A217 WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A
Alloy Steel for low temperature services ASTM A352 grades LC1, LC2, LC3, LC4, LC9 and etc. 

Stainless Steel Cast body such as ASTM A351 grades CF3, CF8, CF3M, CF8M, CF8C, CN7M and etc.
Stainless Steel Forged body or trim ASTM A182 grades F5, F6a, F11, F22, F44, F51, F53, F55, F304, F320,
F304L, F316, F316L, F316Ti, F321, F347 & etc.
PTFE, Glass PTFE, Graphite, Nylon, Viton for Seats and Seals


FACE TO FACE: ANSI B16.10, API609 or ISO5752
FLANGED ENDS: From 2" to 24" according to ANSI B16.5,
upper than 24" according to ANSI B16.47 or MSS SP-44
WAFER and LUG ENDS: From 2" to 24" according to ANSI B16.5
upper than 24" according to ANSI B16.47 or MSS SP-44


  • Forging Body
  • Casting Body
  • Wafer or Lug type
  • Double flanged type
  • Replaceable Liner
  • Metal to Metal seal
  • Soft Seal
  • Manual Gear
  • Actuated valves (Electric / Pneumatic / Hydraulic types)
  • Underground application
  • Position Lever lock handle
  • Special Services