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Piping Materials


ZAFFERTEC provided high quality tubes from the European manufacturers...

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When connection of the piping parts together is needed, the importance of Flanges reveals. The materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Special Alloys are used for production of flanges by modern forging, machining, finishing, testing and packaging machineries and facilities.

These Flanges are manufactured in forging and machining shops in our manufacturing mills in Italian and Spanish sites. 

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As the Strainers are so important integrant part of piping system and most commonly used in pressurized lines, of water, oil and gas networks, ZAFFERTEC has entered to sourcing of all kinds of Strainers with different applications.

You can make sure ZAFFERTEC Strainers are the best solution for the applications where small amounts of solid particulate are expected, and where clean-out will be infrequent. They can also be implemented in suction or vacuum conditions. 

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