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Finned & Studded Tubes

For applications such as heat recovery systems, furnaces and boilers used in the refining and petrochemical industries, etc., ZAFFERTEC S.L. offers finned tubes, studded tubes, plain tubes, U tubes, and discs, and so on, from the leading European manufacturers.

Our mill facilities enable our producers to deliver a variety of fin, stud, tube and size combinations according to our clients' needs. The products we supply has the most minimized production problems and the testing time of the equipment. 

Finned Tubes:

We supply the best quality welded finned tubes from high frequency resistance welding (FRW) machines. The steel fin can be solid or serrated and is helically wound and continuously welded to the tube by HFW systems. The size and dimensions of the fins can be adjusted according to client requirements.

Finned Tubes Outside Diameter: 1" to 8"

Fin Thickness: 0.9 to 3mm

Studded Tubes:

The studs are welded to the tubes using electrical resistance welding, producing high quality welds. Studded tubes are mostly employed in preference to finned tubes in heat transfer systems in petrochemical plants, where the surface is exposed to very corrosive environment such as dirty gases or liquids. These tubes should be resistant to aggressive materials and must be cleaned frequently.

Studded Tubes Outside Diameter: 60 to 220mm

Packing and Handling:

The correct packing of finned and studded tubes is extremely important to guarantee their safe transportation to the final destination. Finned sheets and studded parts are very sensitive to any impact during shipping. ZAFFERTEC S.L. takes full responsibility for the safe packaging of these products. We normally use wooden crates, steel crates, and wooden boxes for packaging, after which the crates or boxes can be loaded into inter-modal containers for maritime transport or onto trucks for overland transportation.