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General Valves

ZAFFERTEC S.L. provides the clients with valves and flow control and equipment for a wide range of applications, such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water and associated industries for local and also worldwide markets. 

These valves are produced by our manufacturing partners in Europe and other countries of the world. We support one of the most comprehensive range of valves that can be used in special services.


Ball Valves

After a long time of worldwide business, ZAFFERTEC S.L. is now one of the leading supliers of several types of ball valves with applications in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projetcs.

ZAFFERTEC S.L. offer the highest quality balve valves produced by the known manufacturers in Europe and certified according to the latest related standards.


Gate Valves

ZAFFERTEC S.L. Gate Valves are especially designed for slurries with entrained solids, granules, and powders and cryogenic and vacuum services. For both Parallel and Wedge-shaped forms of Gate Valves ZAFFERTEC S.L. provides you the best and competative offers according to your requirments.

We are proud that our supplied Gate Valves cover almost all ranges of the clients required specifications. 


Globe Valves

We provide Globe Valves from our manufacturing partners in Italy and Spain. These manufacturing mills are among the worlds largest manufacturing companies. As a succesful partner to these manufacturers, ZAFFERTEC S.L. has developed a secure business line for its clients to provide their materials and requirments in a reliable business atmosphere. 

We invite the new clients to provide their Globe Valve needs through our supply sources and experience a new concept of quality and support. 


Check Valves

Check valves or non-return valves are one of the most demanding items that ZAFFERTEC S.L. is inquired to supply. The high quality Check Valves supplied by ZAFFERTEC S.L. makes the client completely sure of the safe functioning of the valve. 

All the Check valves that we supply are from the fully equipped mills and modern manufacturing workshops located in Europe, Japan and Ameriaca belonging to the world leading firms.


Butterfly Valves

When isolation or regulation of flow is considered, our Butterfly Valves will be brought up to you. ZAFFERTEC S.L. Butterfly valves are the most favored valves as they are lower in cost and lighter in weight. 

We supply different kinds of butterfly valves, each adapted for both low-pressure and high-pressure applications for different usage. 

ZAFFERTEC S.L. Butterfly Valves are made of best quality materials in the European mills according to the international standards. 

As an experience partner, we are cooperating with the world leading manufacturers of Butterfly Valves and provide you with the best support to purchase you requied standard and high quality materials from these reliable manufacturing mills. 

ZAFFERTEC S.L. welcomes your inquiries for its high quality Butterfly Valves withing the range of size and materials as mentioned the related page.


Plug Valves

ZAFFERTEC S.L. is considered as one of the best sources for Plug Valves of almost all classes. We supply our plug valves from the high quality materials according to the American and European standards.

There is no need to say that we have supplied our plug valves to many international Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects around the world.

With a wide range of sizes and materials, ZAFFERTEC S.L. supports you to supply you required plug valves from a reliable manufacturer. We will help our clients find and purchase the plug valves the need and there will be no waste of time as we are the right choice for plug valve supply.

You may refer to the details in the related page to find if your material is within the range or contact us for more detailed information.